Feeling a little rummy this morning. No, not because of the rum. No rum was involved. Just that special way where concentration and good times are right around the bend. If only I could make it ’round that bend. Any minute now I will be going up and rounding and bending and . . . Aw, screw it.

I do art sometimes. And when I do it I’m pretty good at it. Sometimes. Yesterday was a big fight between me doing it and doing it well. There’s a good 50%-60% of what I produced yesterday that will need redoing. I did it and that gives me some points. Where to allocate those points is a mystery. Discipline? Work ethic? Hair on my chest? I dunno.

A bigger lesson here is diversifying. “Forcing it” compromises a job well done. Yesterday I turned the screws on myself and there was a good amount of “Forcing it” happening. I have tons on my to do list and to force myself to focus on one single aspect doesn’t help the overall project. There are broader strokes involved to a bigger picture, here. Seems like a good place to allocate those points. As reminders to approach the project, maybe even life, as a whole.

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