Post New Year

She broke our date tonight. I’m a little sulky because of it. Let’s go to my diary and tell all.

I am not used to night shift, moreover, I’m not not used to twelve hour shifts. This has been a week of adjustment. This will be my first night off for a handful of days, and for a handful of days, I am off starting tonight. I am grateful for it. What to do with all the free time? Good news is, once I get used to things, I expect I will like it very much.

I showed a couple of coworkers my art yesterday. They were sizing me up, you know, as they’re getting to know me. Art came up as it always does. They were viscerally impressed. I was muted and humbly thankful. Their enthusiasm died down into confusion upon my reaction. I’ll spare us all the drudgery, the history. Point gotten to, I was and am sad.

I’ve had  a handful of self improvement thoughts jogging around lately. Join a gym, get a shrink, do some art, and openly reject some of my badder habits. I’m not sure if it’s a form of New Year’s resolutions, nagging insecurities, or an inevitable feeling of Fate. Anywho, here we go. We’ll start with this blog entry, make an honest effort looking into said self improvement options, and later tonight, we’ll do some art.




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