Post Valentines

I feel sad today. I have no idea what  happened, I was doing so good, then, yesterday, I felt psychologically crashed out. I know, I know, you don’t recall buying tickets to Steve’s emotional roller-coaster. In any case, via art, writing wit, or indirect love, I will hope to hope to hope that I can make it worth your while. Let’s bang this out.

I really wanted to make this, the week’s section of days off, about refining poetry and focusing on finishing the second book. All the elements are there, the poetry is in third or fourth stages of revisions, the imagery is more that abundant, the early aspects of the book design are up in Adobe InDesign (a publishing program), the only thing we are waiting on is my will. As of today, I regretfully report, the will is just not there. Mayhaps tomorry.

Today will be allocated to the lack of impulse control. There will be drinking. The art will be worked upon, but the art will be Abstract and modern. Styles I have no audience for, styles which reflect my emotional instability, styles which, on the plus side, indirectly contribute to the beauty of my mainstay. I will begin an “Anything Goes” art section to my facebook and Google+ accounts when I’m done here and, coincidentally, on my fourth beer.

Good news to report is that I have a lot of unfinished art I want to finish. Three watercolors, about a half dozen pencils, all for More Different or The Strangest Thing and all calling to me suggestively. I like that. I like that the art wants to be finished and that my heart wants to finish it. Great feel.

Off I go, I understand things are short in this entry but at least I entered, so off I go to do things and feel better.

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