The most excitement I will be having on Valentines is working 48 hours in four days starting today, Thursday. The holiday will be quiet and will be celebrated in a unconventional fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not queuing up the pity party, the opposite in fact. I’m in a really good place, right now and I’m content to work, art, and be a bachelor. For Valentine’s this year, I’ll do my loving from afar and keep my heart where I can see it, on canvas.

Speaking of good places to be, my sister is visiting from out of town. We’ve been visiting for the past couple of days and it is always nice and welcome to have that relation that you can do familiar heart-to-hearts with. She also gives me good excuse to get in touch with the rest of the family, a habit I am sorry for not maintaining better. All that disclosed, it feels super good to get in touch with all them loved ones.

Art is good. I have been diligent about perusing and making art. My stock pile of works grows page by page. Just yesterday I did the second washes on a rather large watercolor intended for the third book. Boldly, the proclamation will go forth, this image will be include in the second book. I have a healthy handful of pencils all purdy-in-the-mouff. The other night I placed the finishing touches upon a series of inks, inks which remind us all just how sexy lines can be. Point being: imagery production is beyond healthy, it’s robust.

I will need to reallocate effort towards writing and designing. The second book is painfully finished. Really, the poems and illustrations are done, then designing and placing the PDF onto itunes and amazon and it’s published. Altogether, a handful of days, maybe a couple weeks. Don’t hold me to that, I have some perfectionistic tendencies that like to tack time onto projects. That statement inoculating any tardiness, finishing the second book needs attention and I’ll begin that process this Monday.

Self Promotion, I have been more proactive in getting my hairy butt out there. I have a handful of galleries scattered over the internets and I’ve been schmoozing with that shiny social media. In short, I’m more out there. The whole process comes with its ups and downs, mostly ups considering new friends are always welcome. Among things I’d like to accomplish, making connections with brick and mortar galleries, creating a steady and local art version of a sewing circle (this idea excites me), and lastly maintaining consistency about making and releasing artwork. Last I recall, consistency is most important.




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