Pretty Nifty Scheming

I like school. It feels like a mental shower. My preconceived notions are scrubbed and rinsed with new concepts for a fresh, lightly scented outlook on the world. Feels good, feels right. Which is strange considering how much I loathed school in my youth. I guess it’s like veggies, you develop a taste for them as you mature.

Life is going well. I am kept busy enough that my inborn anxieties are directed towards multifaceted outward projects. It feels like I was born to keep myself overwhelmed, which is the polar opposite of my “resting” state: lazy even for lazy. My woman, my academia, my work, my art projects, this is the pedaling on the bicycle that is my life and if feels good. I’d very much like to keep this up.

I do like to scheme over my book though. The Poetry is 60%-70% done. Not nearly as done as I want it yet I am satisfied with what I’ve made and what I am making. This month of September, I really really want to finish poems, refine illustrations, and set up the design for the book. I very much want to get a prototype out by early October. If so, I can order a bulk of books and have them delivered in time for a November Art show.

That’s some pretty nifty scheming, if I do say so myself.

Please consider that all this planning is done knowing that papers and finals and school and work and woman will be jabbing at my ribs. I reserve the right to amend the plans I’ve made to accommodate for the scenerio life has bequeathed unto me. Still, I’d hate to change those plans because they look so damned good.

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