Production Tones

I’m not sure if this blog post will be a little blue, as in “sad.” Lord knows there’s a great wealth of good news to celebrate. Be that as it may, for the past week I’ve been moody. I suspect I’m feeling pangs from relationship issues. Yeah, those haven’t settled yet. So I’m gonna wing this and try to put a happier face on things.

Last week I rearranged the website. Anyone who visits will notice a book menu list, that list is the informal announcement of four new titles. All are in various stages of development. Let it be known, and I stress this emphatically, I want them all developed.

The one closest to release, More Different, is so close to completion, I can smell it. Chalk full of savory flavors, I am pleased with where it’s headed. The poems are on 6th and 7th revisions, they’re done, I’m just being a perfectionistic jerk. Over the next three days I’ll get started on the layout for the book itself. I’d love to set a release date on it, but due to the past declarations and past disappointments, I’m wary of making any promises.

The rest of life is fairly mundane. I’m cooking more. I’m still a weird fitness guru. Work is work, which means it’s getting a little boring. I’m happy there, but yeah, a little burnt, too. Relations are good or better than previously stated. I have some calls to make but I expect the check ins to go well. Woman wise, I’m content to wait and see.

Building that audience, you know, promotion; I hate to admit has been neglected. For good reasons, though, I’m producing. I’m making cool stuff. Who knows why but my mind does like to fret that way. When I’m producing, I worry about advertising; when I’m advertising, I’m nervous about production. So long as I worry about it, means I’ll work on it. A never ending cycle and one that never brings me peace . . . but does give me a meaningful sense of fulfillment.

Oh, something I’m particularly proud of, I haven’t played  a video game in six weeks. I feel the relief an alcoholic feels when they go sober and start to pull their shit together. I also have a resonant fear of backsliding. All said, a personal victory I’m grateful of.

Alright, I’m off to either draw or write poems, likely both; the biggest issue is which first. See ya’ll next week.

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