Productive Procrastination

Yesterday was a good day, all art all the time. I like those days, feels productive and fulfilled. Today motivation is lacking, I won’t let it stop me, though. I’m gonna do my art, after some productive procrastination first.

The question or challenge is how to make that procrastination productive. Coming here is a good start, a little introspection is good. Art will be done, just later. I already have a litany of art projects planned and they will be attended to in time. For now let’s attend to matters of the heart. So what does the heart want?

The foremost desire I have is to find a hangout. A place to engage in idle chit chat whilst drawing. The theory goes, I can use my videocam to see and talk with whomever while my attention lingers on drawing. So far, no luck. Of the few hours I’ve put into the search for a haunt, I’ve come up with lackluster results. Places like facebook and them require attention to browsing and typing. The video chat rooms I’ve found thus far are full of kids; literally young teenagers whom I have trouble relating to . . . Be all that as it is, I’ll invest a little time into the search after writing up this.

Art, as alluded to earlier, is going great. My mind does like to wander while drawing and where it wanders is to new art projects, new projects for the art, and ways of sharing. I do not protest these thoughts, I embrace them. That said, I imagine it would suit me best not to get too far ahead of myself. Should I get and keep myself anxious and overwhelmed, there will be a breaking point and a reckoning. If I can, I’d like to avoid the stress. My biggest goal here is to keep with the art without the process getting the best of me. In the past, the love hate history with art, I’d like more love and less hate.

I’m off, wish me luck.

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