It was a good day yesterday, a great day, in fact. Got in touch with an old friend, had a nice heart to heart; did art without distraction for a solid nine hours, caught up on household chores; when I reflect I do so with some pride. I done good. I am looking to repeat the feat today.

As alluded to yesterday, there exists children’s book making materiel, that is to say, there is enough stuff for more books, for four more books. The second book, More Different, just needs the poetry refined and then assembling. Another book of pictures and poems, The Strangest Thing, has, with the extra poems and illustrations intended for it’s predecessor, inadvertently begun. I have the finished script for another book nestled next to me passively asking for illustrations. Then yesterday, my friend and I made a pact to do a collaboration for another. That’s a lot of projects. Let’s get to work.

My mind wanders, as it often does, to advertising. I spend no money on it, I pay the necessary activity the least attention, and I am naturally an introverted mind, that all translates into a quiet business. Were I running an illegal endeavor or an exclusive club, then a quiet business is a winner of a business practice. But I’m not, I’m running an endeavor that demands some celebrity. And among the cacophony of voices already out there, I’ll need some extra incentives to make up for my all too quiet public voice.

I am going to be patient on this topic, the topic of advertising. It’s always been a dangerous one for me, where I try too hard, get frustrated, or burned out,at which point, everything stops. I don’t want to do that. I want to pace myself and buckle down for the long haul. No sprinting, a nice steady jog for the distance. I appreciate and am glad that some mind is being lent to sharing the artwork, but let’s make sure the artwork is there and remains to be there.

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