Pushing Me

Big Head

You know, I feel dubious about writing entries and then publishing them. I write these inconsequential blurbs about life, maybe some struggles with the nuances of art, the business. I do this all selfishly within the comforts of obscurity. The priority is looking to find and maintain a little peace of mind with this, the tiniest of blogs. I’m not offering in depth opinions about controversial topics, I’m not here to con anyone, I’m not stroking vanity. What I’m here for is, as mentioned, a little peace. I honestly believe that in the form of these little doodles, I am contributing to the betterment of society. Modest tithes of warmth and humor to the cultural consciousness.

That framing delicately placed, I intend to push this blog and the artworks harder. I laugh inwardly when I think of how few or how deeply people will be inconvenienced by my virtual spamming. In reality, the answer is: not at all. I fret like I do, and worry about peoples’ worlds being kept in prime condition. That includes keeping my grubby finger prints off. My sense of self being what it is, even when I’m helping, there’s hurting.

Concerns aside, I’d like very much to give more. I’ve been much more prolific with projects. I’m eager to share and hope, in whatever capacity, that such efforts canĀ  somehow translate into a better world. It doesn’t hurt to be proud of what you do and the want to share is only human.

I suspect I’m overthinking it. Just go draw ’em all and let god sort it out.

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