Quick Blot

I need some gusto this morning. Extra coffee and extra strong coffee should do the trick. Breakfast sandwiches soon. Painting next. Hurried painting. I don’t need the painting perfect, I need it done. Would that presuppose that the painting will be compromised? I have my reservations. I am suspecting a looseness to wit will give it more life. Maybe not, maybe just a bit more individuality. We’ll see Sunday, won’t we?

Also have an art show to prepare for. Get some merchandise, make sure my little vehicle/booth looks sexy to onlookers, frames; there’s quite a bit to attend to. I went to the thrift store just the other day, I found myself ogling frames. Picked up a comfy cheap and effective recliner in the process, even so, I am eye balling frames enviously everywhere I go. It’s like I’m a jealous ex. I gotta do something about it. I am suspecting wood filler, a fresh coat of paint, some well cut mat paper; things’ll look really good.

Another concern: the investment. How much money do I invest on this little venture to look good? I’m not sure what the crowds will look like. I’m expecting modestly sized. The local News organizations might just be there. So I guess I’d better look good. I can also use the investment as motivation to participate in more shows. I’ll throw a little money at it, hope it all pays dividends. By the by, you can probably guess what kind of poker player I am.

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