Quick Post

It’s late into the morning. I became a little happy with the wine last night. Let’s slap this one together and get on with the day.

I’m pressed for time. I have to depart soon. I have my cancer lady to take care of. She has her good days and bad. Yesterday was a good day. She asked where I’d been and she’d hold my hand. That made my day. I’m honored I got to know her.

Regular work is a grind. More of the same, really. Some bad blood between a couple of coworkers and I was resolved. As of now, I am generally well liked and respected. Not bad for the bottom rung. It only took me over a year to accomplish it. What an ordeal.

I have no social life to report on. I gravitate towards my hobbies or my work.

Art, which has been demoted to hobby recently, is collecting dust. My skills and creations need love and I need them to love me. I promise myself I will attack them passionately as soon as I get the chance. Between you and me, though, gorging on video games and booze is a notch above art on my priorities list. It’ll all come, just give me more time.

I never seem to have enough lately.

. . . I’ll cash in for a couple days off. See if we can’t gorge on the free time to catch up on things. Thanks for hangin’.


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