Quixotic Neurotic

Those are words. Look ’em up if you don’t believe me. And boy, do they work well together well.

This Monday morning finds me twixt classes in the midst of prioritizing homework for the week. Need a way to procrastinate via distraction? Why not blog! Kidding aside, mood is good. I’m feeling a lot better about myself and my place in the universe. Never mind those perfectionistic naggings that tell me I could exercise more, meditate more diligently, or get after schooling more aggressively. Those fuckers are still there. They always will be. For the time being, fuck ’em. I’d like to enjoy my happiness while it’s here.

Schooling is better. I’ve become more adjusted. Methods, time management, and expectations, while still being honed, are vastly superior than the prior weeks. I expect they’ll only improve until school is out. “Out” being when I’m through and reentering the workforce. Give or take about two year’s time, providing I stick to it, which I will. Lets face it, I’m not getting any younger, and, though I’m learning, I scoff at the thought of getting any smarter.

Sometime the other week, I stumbled across an article about how plants help patients heal faster. My mind: get plants! And that’s my latest ADHD adventure. Vastly less of a commitment than a girlfriend or, going down the tier list, a friend, an acquaintance, or a pet. Plants rank just a tier or two higher than pet rock, and that’s about the level this commitment-phobe is ready for right now. That said, I can’t tell if it’s the novelty or something deeper, but I love them. I want more.

Heh, I won’t allow myself to get more just yet, you know, gotta vet those impulses. Time being, though, I’ve been enjoying them. As far as distractions go, staring at a plant ain’t half bad. Often between tasks do I look at them and wonder if I gave them too much water, left them in direct sun for a minute or two too long, how am I going to pot and place them. I’ll even keep one by to absentmindedly pet the leaves while reading or doing homework. I’m enjoying myself. This shit’s pretty cool.

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