Rainy Day

I feel awful. The kind of awful where I don’t wanna do anything and go back to bed. The kind of awful where everything either doesn’t matter or downright sucks. Damned if I know how I got this way. Damned if I like it. “Frustrating” is the word that comes to mind. I am frustrated that I feel this way. Sulky, frustrated, low-key angry, sad, yeah nothing good there this morning.

I’ll perk up when I get to work. I’ll be too busy to be pissy. Hopefully. I know how contagious moods are and I resent the thought of making my coworkers or patients feel the slightest diminished. The opposite applies, I enjoy and find value in bringing them up. I earnestly will apply the old adage, “Fake it til I make it.”

In the mean time I’ll do responsible things like eat better, I’ll try to get to bed a little earlier, do what I can to brighten things. You know, just get past a rainy day.

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