I have this giant painting all framed and ready to go and, wouldn’t you know it, a blemish is between the matt and the glass. This morning will be dedicated to pulling it apart and prolly trying to get it together again. If my history with framing large paintings has anything to say about it, a couple more attempts at reassembling. I’m expecting it’ll be like the other large frames I frame, where it just becomes an “Eff it! It’s good enough” situation. In other words, when my patience is exhausted. Glancing at the clock, that’s just a few hours away.

Tomorrow will be drive to Sacramento (two hours away), drop off painting, then go to work. That’s gonna be a long day for me. I’ll take it.

To be honest, going to the opening of the show and shmoozing would be a very good idea. A good idea I resist. If you asked me right now, I’m not going. I have time left to mull it over. But I doubt it. I don’t need to tack on another hundred dollars onto an investment I’m not sure will pay off. What I have budgeted is enough of a gamble.

After that, it becomes a matter of getting ready for the December show, which is easy. I have all the tools I need. All that needs doing is: save up money, purchase more merchandise, and show up. It’s a tiny show, just like the last one. A few hundred people. It’s also in a short amount of time, four hours. It’s also Christmas season. I’ve never done one of these near Christmas season. I’ll overstock and hope to sell out, just to be sure.

Well, this went well for a post I resisted writing. In any case, I’ll write some more tomorry.

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