Recouping Day

I hereby declare today a day dedicated to recouping from the week. There is beer in the fridge, burgers will be prepared, and a logy nap is in the foreseeable future.  Things are gonna start happening to me now.

The past handful of days, when I’ve had an hour or two to spend, have been spent manicuring my quaint little social networking sites. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, are being dusted off and time and effort are being invested. Bit by bit, follower by follower, I’m building an audience.

The results are modest as are expectations, as mentioned in previous posts, the whole thing will take time. In the meantime, though, a great unexpected benefit is being exposed to all the lovely art out in the world. Established, pop, abstract, underground, emerging artists and art are a pleasure to visit once more. It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in active art perusing. I’ve forgotten the pleasure and inspirational virtues of seeing what others are creating aesthetically.

I get hit by a spit-ton of inspirations which are welcome and beloved. What isn’t so lovely is having to tell those soul-stirring muses, “no.” Time is limited, I do have obligations. The largest stinging reminder is the unfinished books I have slated. The books just need more attention, I feel guilty for not allocating more.

The whole process is being approached the same way I approach everything: organically. Any anxiety I have is healthy, it’s a way of recognizing then addressing things that are important. I like that I fret and the things I fret over.

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