Reign In

I’ve been getting lazy. This isn’t guilt speaking, it’s fact. Ever since the vacation to Illinois, I’ve been knocked from my precarious perch of productivity. It’s taken me long enough to recognize it; I mean really acknowledge it. I know where this goes if I don’t consciously interject. Neglected, I will be in the future bemoaning my status and position in life. I will ask myself. “How did it come to this?” And I’ll know damned well how. Ain’t no one else to blame but myself. So Steve, for the love of all that is good, reign it in.

Art was not done yesterday. Even with prolonged periods of palpable boredom. No, instead I would look for a mindless game to engage in. You know, just to pass the time. I think you can tell from my tone, I am not at all pleased with myself. I’m alright with this behavior now and again, it’s when it becomes too much that I object. It became too much a few days ago. I have a few responsibilities to engage in behind art. It scares me to think of myself scurrying around trying to piece together a show at the last minute. How that actual show will look? Embarrassing, I’m sure.

This here blog post, this is dedicated to me righting my course. Hands at ten and two, eyes on the road, eyes on the prize.



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