So self indulgent day is over. I didn’t do a whole lot with it. Webpage junk, wrote some, reviewed art notes, gorged on pizza, played video games. A mixed bag there. That’s my weekly ritual to unwind. Not so healthy nor responsible, evidently it works and that’s why I do it.  SO we come to today and I am back to my default brooding form.

I’m gonna start on a new painting. I’m worried if I spend too long away, I’ll forget to produce. I think it’d be wise to keep those skills sharp. A project I can spend a couple hours a day on, just to keep urges at bay, then move on to do other things. I’ll begin later this afternoon.

I’m still uncertain about this show coming up in late August. I’m on pins and needles waiting for confirmation. None yet, she’s just back from vacation. I’m promising myself to stay calm and distracted while I wait. I’m nervous I effed it up. Even so, let’s see. Gotta keep going on. If the show does or doesn’t happen, I still need to frame my pictures and have them ready for the show that does happen. Currently, they are beneath fifty pounds worth of books, I’m pressing them so they are sexy flat.

This last paragraph will be pedantic, read at your own risk. Thrift store hunting for frames seems apropo for today. Maybe less “apropo” and more “appropriate”. I also have a computer project over at grandma’s that needs finishing. I’m updating her computer so it’s actually usable. In conjunction with that, I can pull the old art resume off of my old compact discs. I’ll go over there after breakfast . . . one sec while I double check my triple to do lists . . . Make a dentist and doctor’s appointment for next Monday. Pick up some watercolor paper. Possibly some larger than 18″ x 24″. And . . . I’ll post a couple of pics to gallery. Nothing you haven’t already seen on facebook . . .

Alright, let’s do breakfast and get to work.

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