I notice that there’s a little bit of an ecosystem going on with art in relation to this blog. The time I invest into making art influences the quality of my posts. The art: allocated towards contributing to culture and society; the blog post towards dissemination. I haven’t been doing much art therefore these here blog posts, well, they don’t have a whole lot of substance behind them. They’re dry.

I doubt it’s quite that easy to quantify. I do omit my humanity from the equation. The human experience creates the art and, alone, could and should run this blog.

Dry sophomoric intellectualism aside, I’m having some trouble finding an identity for this blog. When I do less art, I struggle to write. At least something of interest.

Bear with me as I ride this out. The intent here will be to invest a little more of myself into the art and the blog. When life is a little less obscured by work and a little more receptive to the creative process. Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing well, spirits are high. All things considered, the only real struggle is keeping this blog relevant. Everything else is quite well.

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