I am beginning to suspect I’m not spending enough time or attention to book things. When I sit down to write this here blog, I wanna tell ya’ll about my affections for the lady I take care of; or tell you about my zombie apocalypse dreams, maybe even get into some mental masturbatory philosophy. While cute, I don’t think that’s why any of us are here. No, we’re here cause Steve’s art is pleasant and we want to make sure Steve’s still making pleasant art.

As far as putting pencil or pen or paintbrush to paper and illustrating something wistful, I haven’t done that since the middle of February. I do have a large sexy picture here whose pencils are done and I have another whose concept and composition is finished. As far as art goes, I’m ready to ride. However, I have a few priorities I want out of the way first.

I gots me a book to finish and in a hurry. April’s coming and coming fast. The Poetry has a ways to go. I’m inclined to take more time off from work so I can focus on it and get it sexy. We’re not at that point yet, I’m thinking it may come. As I mentioned yesterday, time is tight. Finding an extra half hour here or there will help out a lot, but I’m not sure if it’ll be enough. I’ll scheme some more and get back to you.

There’s also schooling BS. I’ll be studying some more for that this weekend. I’m gonna bite the bullet and take care of the Accuplacer test on Monday. You know, just to get it out of the way. One less thing to worry about besides signing up for classes and paying for schooling . . . I will be poor again. Or poorer.

Time draws nigh. I’ve got to get to my day. See ya tomorrow.

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