Respect the Work

I won’t do much here today. Just enough to let you all know I’ve not gone anywhere. At least, not for some time yet.  “Why so late in this posting?” you might ask. Because a two hour favor ballooned into a seven hour affair. I’m glad to be home and whooped after the ordeal. Now it is time for me to melt into this char and attempt to rustle up some motivation to responsibly spend my few remaining hours before work reclaims my soul.

There’s melodrama in that last sentence; some comedy too. Truth be told, I enjoy work. I need it. It brings in only a pittance worth of money but it covers needs I wouldn’t get for myself if I didn’t have it. Vitamin social high on that list. If I didn’t have work, my personality’s gravitational field would hold me to a hermit’s lifestyle. Which isn’t so bad; except maybe the part where I go insane. I’ve done it; I’m not at my best insane.

A lesser but very welcome benefit that work gives me is exercise. Nuts to going to the gym. Now that I speed walk and heavy lift for eight hours a day five days a week, I am finding my activity allotment met. Keeps me fit, my mind sharp, and my mood steady. That’s A-ok by me.

And lastly, probably most importantly, it gives me that pain to appreciate my pleasures. I was exploring this concept earlier while waiting in the Toyota dealership waiting room. About the same time when I should’ve been writing this. Theory goes: I need this pain, it motivates me to do something to improve my situation. It is a healthy allowance too. Not too little where I’m spoiled; not too much where I am hopeless. A decent amount so that when I get home I remind myself to spend my time wisely. Wisely lest I suffer the consequences.

Speaking of, I’d better tie things off here. Get a few more things done with the day soes I can appease my anxious conscience,

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