Riding High

It’s just before work. I have thirty-six hours under my belt, twelve more to go before a weekend of release happens. It has been a long week, work fatigue is nigh. Question is: how do we get that release with best efficacy?

I am no longer binge drinking, or binge sugaring or binge video gaming. Seems as though the whole “binge” therapeutic process has been done away with. Life, both inside and outside of my head, is less turbulent. Something has changed. The subsequent serenity I’ve longed for all these years has finally arrived. Somehow, I trust she’s gonna stay.

You don’t have to go back into the archives too distantly to witness the inner turmoil shaming me and making things awkward for you. I am not sure what has changed, but things have changed. I would describe it as a catharsis, one I’m oblivious of. A day after Christmas it dawned on me to get my life together, and here I am. Grievances are being buried, bridges mended, opportunities tended to, no debt, good job, satisfying art, and the list goes on! Good friends, peaceful family, hopeful romantic interests; life is good!

That declaration made, I am unconcerned to share that I am at a loss with what to do with myself. Discontent is a powerful motivator. I am somewhat certain by the sentiments conveyed in the previous paragraph that I am feeling far from discontent. An issue a friend of mine describes as, “Of all the problems the world has to offer, this one is a good one.” It’s foreign territory, is what it is. Opportunity abounds, which to appreciate first?

I am not worried. I’m really not. The hardest thing I have to do right now is bide my time enjoying good things and allow whatever will happen to happen. I am a moral, caring, intelligent, well rounded young man surrounded by fascinating things. Whatever does happen, fantastic!

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