Rough Day

Yesterday was a bad day. Started off pleasant enough; soon as i got to work though, “ouch” is the only word I can think of. It didn’t end there, I was throwing fits on the way home and at home. I broke some nice things around here, one of which was my keyboard. I was in a rotten way. I felt defeated.

Today meets me with echos of that defeat. I slept in this morning and, had I my way, would sleep the rest of the day. I won’t, though. I will be going to work and doing my best again and hoping whatever powers may be take pity. I understand my outlook affects how I interact with the world. My outlook is decidedly cautiously optimistic. Heavy on the caution.

There’s a number of messes around here waiting on me to clean them up. I can think of one in particular that pains me . . . Alright, alright, enough of hurting. I’m gonna grit my teeth and get started on things.

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