“Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!”

This is the last day of my work week and I am salivating over the thought of the weekend. This here picture, “The Great Cookie Caper”, I’m gonna finish and post it Sunday. Or post what I have. I reserve the right to obsess and refine the living heck out of it later. I doubt I will do this. I take that back, I WILL do it. I do it with all my paintings. All of that will be happening much later though. For the speed with which I am painting, it looks darned good. Like I alluded to, I love to obsess over the small things. Under the assumption those small things are what really make the painting. I’m not so sure that’s true. Maybe it’s just enough of the small things.

I have a little test mug, test print, and business cards all delivered from the production company I use. All things considered, I’m impressed. All things considered, they are all impressive. I intend to invest a few hundred dollars in new books, mugs, and prints. This weekend I will also put more thought into how exactly I’m gonna show all my sexy darling paintings. Undoubtedly this will also take more money. As you can guess, the more money I invest; the higher my anxiety level goes.

Beyond this show, it would suit me to ensure I have more shows. Along with finishing up the one picture and making some purchases this weekend, I will take time to dig around for more opportunities in my area. Seems only prudent to plant the seeds of opportunity now. Make sure I have something blooming in the future. Hopefully near future.

I know I come off as worrying and anxious, don’t be fooled, though. What I really am is excited. If I can make this work and keep making it work, is a very pleasing sentiment.

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