Schemes and Plans Drawn in Crayon

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

I feel dubious about posting a picture that is outside the usual style. Audiences can find that jarring. After looking at the forecast over the next several weeks, it was decided a splash of color would be welcome. Besides, why not?

This week I’ve been researching shows and publicity. I’ve contacted people about shows, I’ve submitted to art fairs, I’m calling boutiques and asking them to represent. Of particular interest: doing an art tour. Traveling from town to town, meeting the locals, wowing them with what I got to offer. You know, like a rock star!

Meanwhile, unbridled enthusiasm confessed and past the candied dreams of entrepreneurship, we need to practice restraint. The resources to invest in the venture, they are limited. Unwise to go into it like a tipsy oil tycoon celebrating at the casino. Years of doing this has underlined the act of patience and prudence. Let’s do our research, pick and choose the best investments, then follow through. Let’s get this right so we can finally quit the day job and never look back.

Day to day agenda looks like this. I have two final commissions that are about halfway done, this week and next will be dedicated to those. The rest are going to be tabled. That’ll free us to do more business art projects, you know, the nitty-gritty promotion, budgeting, and logistics. There’s also the matter of book three, arts and poems. I just need them. If I don’t have them, I lose heart. Weekly releases of blog posts with purdy pics will continue as normal. There will be schemes behind the scenes, no lollygagging, and if opportunities should sprout from the seeds cast, I will make it a point to share.

Lastly, a huge HUGE thanks to all the people who have bought books. You know for being as understated as I made the announcement, the support has be very warm and receptive. I am touched by the unexpected yet welcome response. Thank you all so much. I send out long embracing hugs that are just a few seconds shy of feeling awkward.

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