Scratching Them Itches

Here it is. Another iPod entry. At work, no less. Tonight is an unusual night, we’re plenty staffed, but we have a whole lot of empty beds. Usually it’s the other way round where we have plenty of beds but too little staff. My people are well tended to, things are tidy, items are stocked, tonight will be accepted as good fortune and enjoyed responsibly.

Neither art or networking has been done for about a week. More accurately, done without heart. Foreboding? I doubt that, more like a needed rest from the routine. there have been desires to address life things. Go to the gym, get school business attended to, maybe woo a pretty little lady, you know, scratch that itch that art and promotion just don’t touch.

Do keep in mind, I will not be abandoning efforts to art or network. Merely nudge them down on the priority list a notch or two. I will continue to post to the twitters and the facebooks, I will proceed water coloring them water colors, and scribbling up blog posts, all while reserving the right to lolly gag and dally.

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