Scuttling In

It’s been since January since I wrote here last. Any audience I may have had has moved on to bigger, better, more interesting things. I’ll do what I do, which it scuttle on, and hope, that somehow, it all works out for the best.

I know I disappear from time to time. For those who endure such lollygagging, a sincere thanks is submitted to you. I often wonder why I do such things and, like most of us, I am without answers to my quirks. And like most of us, I will continue living the best life I can whilst accommodating such quirks.

The school semester is coming to a close in a few weeks. My courses, few as they are, are worked upon diligently and with favorable scores as proof. All’s well and up to snuff in this aspect of daily life. Eventually these school efforts will pile high enough to where they can be traded in for a higher pay grade. Until then, let’s contribute to the pile.

Next, we visit work. Work is fine, maybe even a little boring. I guess that’s why they call it “work”, isn’t it? My favorite aspect about work are coworkers. They do introduce into my life characteristics and perspectives that I’d be sorely without. The second most favored aspect of work are the patients for the same reasons. I am thankful for all the many subtle and unwitting contributions these people bring. They enrich life.

On to Romantically, and I almost don’t want to touch up on this one, I had a very nice love and, for reasons I’m not one hundred percent on, the relationship was ended. It’s all pretty recent and tugs violently at the heart strings. Right now, though, sad as it feels, it’s needed. More time to purge the superfluous and make daily living more efficient. Between school, work, and romance, a little more time for art would be great.

Art hasn’t been done for a couple of months. Art is missed. You’ll find a lot of the time I will either speak highly about art and it’s contribution or growl and grumble about frustrations and insecurities on the subject. Either way, art is a significant part of my life. In accepting and respecting this fact, if art is not tended to, other aspects of life will be forfeited until there is enough free time with which to tithe to the art gods. This purging is currently going on with eyes towards art endeavors.

At the end of this month is my birthday. An affair I am normally content to leave ignored and uncelebrated. This year I do want to do something a little different. I’m going to celebrate albeit in unorthodox fashion. You know those books I dither on? I will finish them and have some ordered by the end of this month. In fact, they are done and I’m expecting a healthy number to arrive this week. The second part of the plan is that I will then proceed to carefully sign, wrap, and distribute mentioned books to people in order of personal significance until I’m out of books. No money will be asked for or accepted, all gifts out of gratitude. Some people will bake you a pie, some will lend you a dollar, this year, I’m gonna make you a book.

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    • Hello young lady. Always nice to hear from you. Happy go lucky thoughts. email me your mailing address so I can send you books !

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