Seasonal Habits

This here post will be 299. How have I written 300 of these?

Spring is here and with it fever. There have been changes in my practices and day to day living. I’ve been neglecting some habits in favor of new ones. I doubt it’s for any other reason than just to change up routine before routine stagnates. Partially, though, the changing of the seasons and the inspiration therein deserves some credit.

Among the good habits neglected, art. It’s been about two weeks, a wealth of half finished endeavors are scattered about the studio and left where they were last loved. I know it’s not hard to get started again, I do. Just like I know how much love and appreciation I’ll have for the craft once I do start. And I have every intention of restarting, yet my heart flutters like a butterfly onto other interests.

My social networking has left me feeling empty. Chasing after celebrity is fine and good, but when it comes at the expense of one’s happiness or, worse yet, fueled by one’s discontent, fame becomes a fickle endeavor. When I’m out there and being a social-bug, up to now, my priority is usually some sort of validation. I’m looking for approval or worth to be lent in some form, to my art, my personality, or my whatever. As mentioned in posts for over a month now, I’m not hungry for validation. I feel very good about myself and what I’m doing, I’m comfortable with whatever you perceive of me and respect your judgement. Sometime in the future I will reimagine why it’s in my interests to runaround and interject into others’ lives, for the time being, I’m good.

Most all of the new habits taken up are good things, soul nourishing things. Cooking, the food I make is way better and satisfying than most anything I can find premade. I’ve lost weight and I feel so much better; that much more satisfied.

Going to the gym is another I’m quite fond of. At work, there have been a glut of semi dangerous people. Patients with impulse control issues, dementia, or just raw crazy in their veins. These people are often in need of supervision to keep from harming themselves or others. Management, with reasonable judgement, has decided to use my skills as a bigger man to aid in keeping these fellows under control. Benefiting me in this role are my patience and low-key demeanor, even when they’re upset, I’m very collected and pretty good at talking them down. Still, I do want to be reasonably ready in case something goes down. Fitness will help.

Alright, alright I will need to abruptly stop this particular post. The food, is ready and I’m hungry and it’ll be nice to have another reason to revisit this blog and to count blessings. Later gators, until next time.

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