Second Time ‘Round

My weekend consisted of the usual overindulgence: video games and liquor. It is when I get a weekend like this that I can see why I do what I do. I liken the wanton lethargy to cleansing one’s palette; in this metaphor I’m cleansing my soul. I launder the stresses of the week and leave my mind lily white for a fresh start. Later this morning, I’ll need to shower and shave so my outer appearance matches my inner self.

This will be a short week for me. This brings me happy. I worked Easter weekend in trade for the 12th off. School junk will be attended to Friday. That morning I will retake my math half of the Accuplacer and that afternoon I will participate in some sort of school orientation. I’ll get them silly steps out of the way and start my long journey to get an edumacated. Sorry, ejumacation.

Between you and me, I feel as I did fifteen years ago when I dropped out of college the first time: I’m plenty smart; the degree is just a formality. I’d get by on my defiance, obstinance, and naive ideals. Unlike back then, though, I realize now I need to acquiesce to that formality. The world is far bigger than me and the system I once vehemently defied is now one I seek to game.

There are times where I look at the workload I’m about to embark upon and wonder, “If only I had finished the first time.” Then the smarter half of me realizes that thinking is folly. The life lessons I’ve gained are far more valuable. I’m coming into this college thing with the same amount of smarts as I’ve always had; this time ’round, though, I have an abundance of wisdom to keep me tempered. To keep my headstrong ways in check.

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