Self Talk

Groggy. Come, coffee, fill me with your joy.

Forgive me whilst I think aloud about why it is I do a blog. I just wanted to try something different this morning.

I write here everyday. Sometimes what I write here is awfully redundant. From my to do list, to my procrastination list, maybe a colorful quip or two; there’s a formula in there, methinks. It’s not so bad, I mean, I’ve only been doing this for all of two months, I’ve gots to let the blog and the style develop organically. A personality all it’s own will come, just over time.  Another thing to consider: this is advertising. It is a way of putting myself out there and doing it regularly. Even if a reader comes but once every three months, it’s worth it.

Do I need to do it so often? Maybe not, maybe a few times a week rather than everyday would work. I understand I don’t have enough particulars to my life to justify a daily blog. There are times where is feels like a slimy practice in narcissism. And the tiny audience I do have, they must be exhausted with the spam. Let’s assume both are true, for the sake of argument; you, Steve, still have to do it. Advertising alone justifies blogging, toss on the pile that you’re putting your brand out there. You also don’t have enough time or data invested in the process to have a clear picture. Of the giga-jillion ways to put myself out there, this one works. It’s easy, accessible, and it’s something. You need to do something and this is something so keep doing it.

Alright, that self pep talk over, what the hell am I doing with myself this morning? Oh yeah, drawing. I will be drawing. I needs to finish the kid on “The Great Cookie Caper” Thumb through my undeveloped sketches and develop something. I’d like to have something passable for Saturday. Though, I might have to switch that to Monday given my work schedule. Anything soon would be acceptable.

Where is that sketchbook anyhow?


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