Short and Sweet

I just read an article on how writing these little blogs, especially if they’re expressive, are good for mental health. Naturally I thought of coming here and doing my little expressive song and dance, if, for nothing else, but to be a smidgen more mentally healthy.

I have the poetry engines revved up and every once and again I step on the gas. About everyday now I have been working on writing little verses and each day I feel more comfortable doing so. I aim to have the entirety of the writing done by the end of August. As mentioned earlier, I expect not to meet that expectation, the intentional delusion is to have tons done.

Should I be able to keep it together and keep on track, September will be the month I uses for designing the layout of the book, with minor attention to polishing illustrations and poems. Please keep in mind that I will have school and work and finances to fret over too. Let’s all just relax and try to marvel at my late spinning skills as I dash from one responsibility to the next.

Alright, I’m off to write me some poems this post will be short and sweet.

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