Short Cuts

It’s early into the day and I’m already drinking. I’m trying to destress and work at the same time, shortcuts need to be made. Whiskey, godspeed. Writing this blog here counts as a break between projects.

So let’s try to explain this usual behavior. Probably more for my own peace of mind than your entertainment, either way, thank you for indulging me. I got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Work has been grueling, five twelve hour days is too much, work ethic or work addictions be damned. I’m crispy burnt from this work week. Feeling this way, do I budget extra time to relax and decompress? No, no I don’t. I do the opposite in fact. There’s a little book I’m trying to get out, what with all the business BS and promotional stuff on top. That alone should be enough. For some reason it isn’t, nope. Impulse control working at full heft, I decide to commit to last minute art projects for everyone.

I broke a friend’s glasses at work, innocently enough via horseplay, I assure you. She is very forgiving. Between my guilty conscience and her generous understanding, I am inspired to do portrait of her as a thank you. That’s in progress now. Another good friend had a birthday, my idea for a gift: she likes zombies, she’s a nurse, why not make her a picture of a nurse zombie? I just finished doing the first run of inks for that. Next, mom wants a card, you know, ’cause I’m thinking of her. Lord knows, I never send cards. I’m a feller and, love or hate me for it, I do things like that. Be that as it may, guess who’s illustrating a handmade card for her while he has all the art supplies out. Oh, and did I forget to mention the commission I obligated myself to two days ago? Well, I did. I took on a commission in the thick of the spit.

God dammit, I should say, “No.” more often.

Good news: I can do all of this and all on time; bad news: I’m stringing myself out in the process. The shortcut of subtle alcoholism has been employed.

Where from here? Bluntly, back to work. I’m gonna go get breakfast started, dig out some frames, then get on top on that portrait (those suckers take time when you’re out of practice). Wish me luck, thanks for hangin’, much love.

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