Ran down to the art store yesterday. Spent 89 dollars on a frame, 20 bucks on cut glass, and another 20 smackers on framing supplies. I have my rental car reserved for Friday the 5th, soes I can make the drive and drop off my painting; another 100 greenbacks. Gas, food, and whatever else, I’ve budgeted another 100 (insert colloquial term for money here). So, in review, I am spending approximately $300 to prep and drop off a picture to show. A picture that is a personal favorite. To a show that will give it away to the highest bidder. All in the hopes an opportunity will come from the investment and self sacrifice.

There’s some savory irony and metaphors in all this. I’m still working on how best to package it. I’ll get back to you.

That show on the 12th, the miniature burning man. I’m deciding against that. It runs from midday to sunrise the next day. It’s in a sleazy part of town. The organizers asked at the last minute and sought me out. The demographic, I’m expecting drugged up hippies and high schoolers, is not one I identify with. I suspect I’m a bit too formal and family oriented for all that. They ask for “the weirder the better” I’m plenty weird, just not the type they are looking for. Yeah, I will respectfully decline.

I was accepted into that show for December. There are some particulars that need ironing out but I’m in. So I’ll need to stock up on merchandise to sell. Two months should give me enough time both to save up money and also to procure items for selling. The show is short, the crowd is modest but with Christmas spirit infecting people, I am hoping to do alright for myself. I’m more optimistic about this event.

Time to get my beloved Merchant framed and ready for the auction. More tomorrow.

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