Sleepy Updates

I am well. Just a little trouble sleeping this morning. You see, I found the stairwell at work today and I got a little excited. Six sexy flights of stairs and, even after the first full running of all six completely kicked my butt, I kept coming back for more. A handful more, to the point where my legs are shaky from fatigue, I am high on exercise, and just a hair too keyed up to sleep.

So I come here in an effort to distract myself an await a time when I am prime for slumber. I do understand that it’s been a while since last I really wrote here. Maybe not THAT long, about a week. But it feels longer so I’m gonna count it. –Heh heh, I digress.

What I meant to say was, it’s been a while and the reason is I haven’t felt compelled to write here. That is: I didn’t feel as though there were any real problems worth the effort to report, evaluate, or solve in blog format. Not that there haven’t been challenges, like an ex popping in to remind me she exists and, as suddenly, vanishing. That there is a recipe for confusion. But, and it’s a big but, I feel as though I’ve either handled it well or I’m handling it well. Much like any other bugaboo that’s crept up these past few weeks.

Art is where I left it, in the studio. Art and I are getting along just fine. Later into the week I will prove it with a pretty picture.

Life and I are on good terms. Got that gym membership, got that savings account, got school registered and scholarships applied for. Work is kind and I do my best to show appreciation. I am a little shy about the dating ambitions but give me time, I’ll do us proud.

Aaaaand it’s about the time when the sleepy gnaws at my periphery. These eyelids sure are heavy. I’d better give ‘er another go.

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