Snow Day

Today is Tuesday, it is a snow day. We had an inch or so of snow by the morning and we’re expecting another inch or so by the time it stops. I boldly made the trek out for school which is but ten minutes away. School is located up a steep drive which is not regularly plowed. Luckily, before I made it to that precarious uphill drive, my car, on two separate occasions on much less steep inclines, demonstrated how slippery the roads really were. With no faith in being able to make it up to school, I turned tail and ventured home.

And so, here I am, cooped up in the house near a warm area heater with nothing to do but homework and relax. God, I love these snow days.

Work, at least old work, has decided they don’t need me for this the second of my two week notice. I was informed of this yesterday. Were I so inclined to complain, which I oft am, I would have wished they had notified me earlier so that I might start the new job sooner. No, no complaints, the timing behind it all this is all works out well.

I have this last week to finish up school during hectic finals without having to concern myself with work. Then, right as school finishes is when new work picks up. This is seamless, exquisite, almost divine; in short, I am appreciative.

Today will be another day in what has evolved into a short vacation for me. I will do my studies with self-indulgent breaks into video games. I will reattempt to make pizza from scratch, a recipe I’ve perfected only once so far.  I will listen to audio books while I do what I do around the house. I will lazily celebrate the ending of old work, past girlfriends, and of life’s trials. I will do so by practicing in the little habits that make me happy and give solace.

Today I lavish in the transition to a brighter future with brighter hopes.

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