This night finds me cooking bacon, baking bread, and setting up video chat. Why the chat stuff? Well, my hermitage, hermitude, hermit-esque, . . . The solitary lifestyle of making art can get lonely. I don’t have much in the way of friends, I don’t actively seek out art groups in real life, my schedule is most active when everyone else is snoozing, I figure I might be able to use the power of the internet to solve things. Make a handful of friends, advertise, stave off madness, all while keeping up and into the art. Let’s see if it works.

For those who know me or know the art craft, the video chat thing is really form of procrastination. I have two sketchbooks splayed before me and, with performance anxiety in tow, I avert my attentions to chit chatting with whomever. You know, lighter easier topics. It’s natural to have to force myself to start, just as natural as getting lost in the project once I do start.

Last night went well with the drawing in that I actually drew. I found my subject matter whipped it out and got to work refining pictures for the book as well as getting started on a few new ones. All while doing laundry or dishes and getting ready for the next week. I was nice and productive. Where things started to go awry is my train of thought whilst drawing took me to some dark places, places I’d rather not visit too soon or too often. I fret that if I’m overexposed those thoughts, Art will be abandoned in favor of happier lighter pursuits.

Anywho, if you’re so inclined, I’m on, facebook, google+, and twitter, do say hello if you get a chance. I’m also on skype under stevetlaws, I’m not sure how to link the contact info here, so bear with me. Thanks and thanks for playing


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