Solving for Y

It’s Friday. Good Friday, if I can recollect correctly. It’s the Friday before Easter and I think it’s the day Jesus died and Easter is when he rose again.

What has me trying to discern this? I have a catholic friend I intend to visit today. I’m wondering if she’ll be available or not. I’m half expecting her to be in church services. The most direct and practical solution to the problem would be to give her a call and ask. I have no intention of doing that, however. I plan on popping in and hoping she’s good and then formulating a plan B if she is busy.

Why do I do this? I don’t rightly know, but here we are.

My poetry skills are rough. Thanks to this here blog, my vocabulary isn’t too bad. My sentence structure is OK. I doubt I’ll ever be accused of being Faulkner. My tempo and rhythm; have you even heard that stereotype of white men not having rhythm, thus they cannot dance? I think of that old saying as I try to formulate little lines of poetry. In the end, those lines don’t dance . . . Yet.

I watched about forty five minutes of Algebra lessons on YouTube this morning. I am still having trouble solving for Y. Get it? Solving for Y? Why? Y? Nudge, nudge; wink, wink. I profess I still have no idea what I’m doing. Damned if I’m gonna stop doing it though. More Math and algebra lessons tomorrow. At least I can be silly about it and keep grinding.

Sunday I was asked to work. I concurred. In exchange for Friday the 12th off, I get a one day weekend this week for a three-day the week after. Those empty days will help me focus on art and studies. I plan on cashing in some vacation time, too. The intent is to study and art. I aim to retake that Accuplacer on the 16th. That way, I have time to enlist for summer classes. That deadline, the one where I am allowed to sign up for summer junk, ends on the 29th.

That there’s what things look like about now. The plan and intent all look good. Now let’s see if the math adds up.

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