Some Mighty Fine Wine

Painting is going well. I am slathering on paint in a carefree manner. Will such spirited freedom translate into the final product, leading to a Steve painting revolution? Or ruin, a sloppy laziness that smacks of hubris? Stay tuned and find out Sunday! — Albeit late Sunday . . . Maybe midnight. I will diligently paint the living eff out of it until then. I will stick to my promise and post Sunday. Just late Sunday.

So work is normal. It is where I get my social fix when I’m not cloistered in my studio painting or attempting to paint. Sometimes they pay me. Usually by throwing pennies in my face and then cackling as I shamelessly scramble to collect what I can. It’s that nefarious. That aside, I heart my coworkers and I am very caring of my residents. I do my darnedest to treat both very well. I’m proud of that.

I will worry some about the upcoming show. Nothing new, more of the same worries. How many people? Will I have my stuff together? Will I get a return on my investment? I’d better show up and I’d better show well. There’s some speculation and there’s some self imposed pressure going on. I’ve brewed myself that little tempest in a teapot. It’s really not a big deal, I’m gonna do just fine regardless the outcome, and this all only contributes to my overall well being. Anxiety is only natural given the circumstance and I’m handling it well. I suspect I’m just attempting to make good reading.

To my wonder and my brother’s unbeknownst chagrin, I’ve discovered wine. I’ve discovered it and I am liking it. I am not sure if I am getting old, refined, or it’s my first step towards Alcoholics Anonymous; I just say my endorphins tell me things about it. It’s like discovering a whole new world and there’s plenty of room to explore. I’m so into it, I write a segment about it on my blog. My brother tried earnestly to convert me years ago and I told him, “No.” He will smugly remind me of this in the future when he finds out. Repeatedly. Self esteem, steel yourself.




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  1. oh..good wine is well… like good coffee.. and well good beer….. once you have started… you won’t want to stop. Um I don’t recommend drinking too much wine though.. retching for hours isn’t helpful in the liking department. (omg..did I just say that out loud)

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