Something Here

I’m not quite sure what to write today, or for the past few days. I’ve been feeling a little flat, no real highs to speak of, no downs either, just kinda, for lack of a better word, “being”.

I know the goal was to combine my main site with this blog to create a super site. After researching the topic, and weighing the pro’s and con’s turns out it’s a bad idea. Expensive and time consuming with minimal gains. So, I just spruced up what I have both here on the blog and over there on the site. They both look a little brighter, a little cleaner, and navigate better. My internet persona is well groomed.

Work is well. I’m still adjusting to that night shift business. The coworkers and boss, tell me good things about my performance. And when I stop and reflect, all aspects of work now far surpass the previous gig. I am far less stressed and the quality of life is such that I can dream art dreams again.

Speaking of, art is missed. It’s only been a week off so that web design could happen. Be that as it is, I miss it. Initially, this weekend was going to be dedicated to reconfiguring the book layouts for Odding and More Different. –Evidently, I can tweak the layout so that the books display correctly in digital format; that is, your PC’s monitor, your tablets, and your iphones. As of this moment, if you look at the digital book on anything other than PC, the book falls apart.– That consideration out there, I will follow my heart on this one and do some art.

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