Soon, Better

“The Great Cookie Caper” looks good. Still a ways to go yet, but I am satisfied with it’s current state and direction. I’ll labor on it some more after writing here and getting breakfast settled.

It’s been a while since I did anything with the old website. It still needs small revisions and updates, I’ll address those eventually. When I get around to it. For now, it looks pretty good and does what it’s supposed to.

I’ll get on top of framing this weekend. It doesn’t hurt to get started early. I’ve already procured some frames from thrift stores and flea markets. Now to polish them up, buff out some dings, and get them show quality. I wonder if my place will stink of harsh chemicals soon. Better double check the ventilation in here while I’m at it.

A number of real world things need addressing. Minor things like setting up a dentist appointment, vacuuming, and . . . Lord, this blog post is pretty dry. I know it feels a little mechanical and distant. That would be about how I am feeling this morning; mechanical and distant. Good thing about feeling that way, I’ll labor under the routine well. I plan to rectify how I’m feeling by calling numerous family and friends throughout the weekend. I get bad about staying in touch and, well, just being outgoing. The family and friends I speak of expect this behavior from me and welcome the times, rare as they are, of me coming to them and reconnecting.

I look forward a few of those conversations.

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