Soothing Routine

There are those out there that shudder when they think of their routine. I am not among them. Don’t get me wrong, I need a vacation every now and again, too. That said, a routine can be as comforting as home. Make sure that home isn’t a mess, on fire, or neglected into oblivion. You be good to you home and your home’ll be good to you. Same goes for your daily regiment, whatever that may be.

I have these days where my brain is scrambled. Today is such a day. Forgot my scrubs top to work. Later in the day, I find I’m wearing mismatched shoes. Aging? Dementia? Being overly focused on blasting my exercise and rushing out the door with enough time to pick up McDonalds coffee without being late? Maybe that last one. You decide.

The past few days have been really good. I got all the poems and thier drafts into a single place. There’s 53, by the by. This website has a function that let’s me schedule when a post is published. At two times a week, I’ve got the next month covered. Like my poems, I took all my drawings and put them into a single place. A hundred some-odd of those. Extra close attention paid to the ones for the books.

Yeah, things are happening. Feels good to be working toward something that matters. Like REALLY GOOD.

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