Spammy Shenanigans

The next picture is “Overwhelmed” and  is very much a self portrait. Seeing as how I am my only model, I guess they all are, really. This one, though, has personal significance. I’m looking at it now and I am estimating it will be done to show next week. I’ll be cutting it close, but the deadline, false or not, helps keep me motivated.

No work today. Obviously painting will happen. What else? I’m not sure. I have a couple of things on order. I’m testing the quality additional items for the store. Maybe I’ll try a few more things. Refining the store is a good idea, it still needs love. Publicity sounds responsible. A few new arena’s to increase awareness. Help grow an audience. That’s probably the best course of action. Yeah, let’s do publicity. I feel like a heel exhausting my tiny audience with my spammy shenanigans. I’ll allocate some energy to giving them a breather and myself a learning experience.


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