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Yeah. Rhyming titles, that’s gonna be a thing so long as I’m being a poet.

…You know it.

The heck is the deal with the schedule function on this thing? The 12th’s post was supposed to publish on the 14th. Todays post will not be scheduled but put in manually. It might work right. It very well could be user error. Considering how much time and effort I invest to getting it just right, its a little fluttering when things fuggle up.

So how about that covid business, huh? The hospital and us are still on lockdown. We have a ton of precationary measures still in place we have units mashed together to catch whatever this crisis can throw at us. And, for the first time in a long time, I can say I respect how my hospital has handled things.

As to the crisis, I am getting a universal sense that people are tired of feeling wired. There’s only so much panic any of us can take before we down shift into endure mode. I get the feeling people have downshifted and the hunger for normalcy has replaced the sense of the world ending. We got punched in the face unexpectedly and, nose bloodied and adrenaline faded, wondering how a bitch-slap got past out defenses.

I’d drone on about rioting, the economy, and the second wave of covids but Im already exhausted and exasperated just thinking about it.

Let’s move on.

Me? Psht. I’m fine. Spoiled even. I know a couple of good people that got taken by this covid thing in the early days. That part of it we’re still coping with. And something like that puts into perspective all the blessings you had all along. You know, those ones you’ve neglected. In light of others’ losses, I hope I can reflect back something, anything they’ve given me. We’re all in this together folks. Le’t show humanity what humanity can do.

. . . Ok, Rhetoric, let’s dial down some.

Preaching aside, I guess this post is just about, I don’t know. Giving. I dumped off some money into the local food bank. The nature of my job lets me work with and help the less fortunate. I don’t know. We’ll find relevant stuff to add to this post in the future. Some sort of moral to the story that isn’t reaching or empty.

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