Stage Jitters

I was asked yesterday, Thursday, “Is today your ‘Friday?'”

I responded cheekily, “Tomorrow is my ‘Friday.'”

Today is my Friday and I get a three day weekend. That weekend will be used for two things, work and recouping. Mostly work. It isn’t labor day weekend if you aren’t laboring, right? I’m being a cheeky little snit right now, I know. Must mean I’m feeling good and happy. Seriously, though, I will be working hard to make my appearance at this little show fantastic.

Lots of framing left to do. I will have enough pictures for the show. I intend to construct a mock up of the booth sometime over the weekend. It won’t take long and the dry run will let me know how best to prepare. Some booth supplies will be purchased; weights, plastic ties, perhaps lifts or braces. We’ll see what we need after the mock up. Long story short, this weekend will be fruitful.

I’m a little nervous about the show. It is but a week from tomorrow. I’m sporting just a little stage fright. Cognitively, I know I’ll show up and perform well. Emotionally, though, that’s where the nerves are jittery. I’d like to make a couple of bucks, show off some art, maybe network and make a connection or two. I worry some there will be very few patrons and . . .

You know what, let’s not do that. Indulging those fears is counter productive and senseless. I’ll control what I can control and leave the rest to the universe to decide. The part that I can control, the art, the booth, myself, I’ll put my focus onto that. What I bring to the table is damned good. I am well prepared, I am well rounded, the art is savory. Things are gonna go very well.



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