Starting Again

Yesterday I did as much “nothing” as I could muster. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to meditate and find some clarity. Life had other plans and I had to make some exceptions. You know that mandatory meeting at work? The meeting itself was a ten minute affair. The commute to and from that meeting was a magical tour of Reno’s various road construction projects and the traffic they cause . . .

In any case, that was my intent and goal for the day, relax and introspect. For the most part I was successful. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be scheming up a list of things to do this morning. Among them applying to shows, joining the Society of children’s book writers (I forget the acronym), cleaning the house a little; you know, being responsible. I’m feeling alright and I’m gonna get back on the horse.

I know I didn’t mention much of the show. Especially since I put so much emphasis on it. It was fine. I did well. A lot of the stress I put myself under was for naught. Fun was had and it was a very laid back atmosphere. I will put up pictures soon. There’s quite a few and I need only a dozen for public consumption. I’ll sort through those later and share them soon. The booth looked great, I looked terrible, and I got a lot of help from some really great people . . . More will come out over the course of these blog posts, for now, let’s leave it here.

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