State of Shock

I’m not sure what happened yesterday. There was a burst of responsibility and a huge chunk of things got done. Thrift store shopping garnered me nine fine frames for all of fifty dollars. Grocery shopping will keep me fed for the next month. The house is clean, junk is organized, dishes are put away, laundry folded. I’m shivering a little. Most likely attributable to the state of shock I’m in.

Today finds me ready for work. I’m prepped to get back to the grind. I have a bit of free time to do so and with that, I’ll be making a handful of new compositions to work upon. You know, an art project or two to nosh on while I attempt to do things. Things like show art, maybe sell art. You know, those kinda things.

I’ve been staring at this keyboard for ten minutes now. I wanna stay but I don’t know what to say. I’ll just cut bait and move on.

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