Stitch In Time…

A stitch in time will save nine. An old idiom decrying preventative precautions. In the vein of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You know, be careful and be mindful of future. The answer for tomorrow’s problems might be answered easily today. Stay vigilant.

“Stitches” because that’s been on my mind. I’m middle aged now. I’m at a point where I realize that I can’t do it all. Skills, life or otherwise, they come, and just as easily, they go. Hopes and fears, too. You keep what you maintain, otherwise you fondly recall what used to be. And, at my age those skills are forgotten way faster than they are learned or relearned.

So later in life, or anytime really, it has nothing to do with mastering the one skill. It has way more to do with meshing together all your skills. Taking the individual components of fabric, thread, and dye and stitching together a function quilt. Or, a decent life.

Thus is where I’m at now. Bringing it all together for some sort of magnum opus. I genuinely wonder if there is one there. Let’s try.

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