That’s right stockpiling art posts, entries, poems, work. With a history rife with instability, namely with yours truly. I’m gonna make sure I have some shit together r before I make a real honest go at this.

I’m not sure how to explain it. I wonder if I should try. And even then, I fret further on placing reassurances. Proof is in the pudding, I suppose. The more I post, share, and demonstrate reliability, the more trust I garner. Both with you and myself. Together we’ll make it work.

So let’s do that. Let’s garner some trust.

When I let my guard down, I do find expectations growing. Probably too high. I think upon how to advertise, how to build a community, an audience, and so forth. Should I teach again? Make instructional videos? Become the next Bob Ross only balder?

It gets dizzying when I try to keep track of it all. And When I reflect, I can see how feelings of being overwhelmed could creep in, especially in the face of adversity. So let’s orient. I wanna illustrate and make some more books. That’s it. My legacy will be as a quiet little artist who wanted to entertain some kids and adults.

All roads lead to Rome and THAT goal is my Rome.

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    • The first sentence in your response confused the shit outta me. Then I followed the link and it made a lot more sense. Being able to quiet the mind sounds nice.

      Oh, yeah, and I am a taurus. Surprised you remember.

      • wow..I totally didn’t proof read my post very well did I. Sorry. LAME. Supposed to say MAYBE a lesson in “what is” . Sorry..

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