Stranger Things

Strange things happen when battling inspiration block. You stare, you procrastinate, find distractions all attempting to kick start inspiration. As one gets craftier, you find just doodling or writing mindlessly counts as work. Even if it’s all garbage. Maybe something can be salvaged. Maybe inspiration decides to strike when you’re hunkered over the workbench. Maybe inspiration takes the form of redeeming that garbage from the heap.

Guess what has me opening with this topic.

So, where to start? The to-do list is ever long and I’m over here trying to budget limited resources. Can’t decide if the problem is exactly what I need or an impossible task. I guess it depends on if I’m manic or depressed. My ideas are off into a thousand different directions. Who do I want to be with this? Where do I wanna go? How far? How fast? How big? On and on and on the list goes.

It’s when the options are innumerable and overwhelming that a person needs to rein it in. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Like a great deal of life, it’s a matter of time invested. I’m nigh sure that it’s a matter of showing up. Feel like shit one day, feel great the next so long as you show up that humanity is what gets infused into whatever project you’re onto. That humanity shows to others and back to you again, and that is what gives things a deeper value. The kind that makes life worth living.

So, besides fighting inspiration or lack thereof. And besides slogging through infinite choices and meanings. I’m showing up. I’m done with giving up on this. If I want it to have any meaning, I need to be here and put in my time. As with all things in life.

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