Stumbling Blurbs

Yesterday I excelled at productivity. I know. I’m just as surprised as you. Be that as it may, a great day eight hours of painting, a couple of hours on refining the site, hour or two of marketing research, hung with my best friend for a descent number of hours; fantastic! I’m am proud. This morning, though, this morning meets me vamped. I’m here, I’m almost coherent, and almost . . . See? Spent five minutes there looking for a metaphor and I fall flat. Long story short: yesterday was a great day; today remains dubious. I’m gonna get some things done, some of those things may be lazy. Fair warning.

I’m thumbing through my various activities and trying to formulate a battle plan. Something to best coordinate (meant to use syncronize, too tired to spell right) my efforts. For example: There are tons of options to join all sorts of online galleries. Galleries whose artist populations are in the hundreds of thousands. A place where I will get drown out. If I am to work on not being drown out, might was well have all the traffic some to my site. How to better my efforts here and tie them to my site, to my twitter, to my facebook. How to funnel all those links back to my main little isle in the ocean of internet. Not so daunting as it it challenging. I can do it . . .


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