Sunday 2013

I drank yesterday. Too much, too fast. My normal hangovers give me a light headache and ill feeling. Yesterday’s, though, yesterday’s killed me slowly. Not in a fun way either, I couldn’t move. Spent the night on the bathroom floor with a tipped waste basket as my vomit collector. I couldn’t manage the strength to get up to the toilet. Sixteen hours of sleep later I am still achy and nauseated. Despite it all, I’ve been drawing.

Since the last post here my goal has to been to draw daily. And I do just that with nice results. I’m surprised at my productivity and pleased with what I’m making. I will keep the trend.

In taking inventory over what I have done for “More Different” I have all the color pictures done; twelve in all. Thirteen is on the way. The black and white pictures, twenty six in all, are being developed. The progress if further along than I’d imagined and with more product than I would’ve guessed.

I do have so poem writing to get on.

Once it’s all done, I have a third to make. A third book that is. I have the manuscript lovingly given to me by a resident I take care of . . .

TIme to go, the pizza guy is at the door.

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